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Effects of the 2010 Chile tsunami on Akaroa Harbour sediments


This report examines the effects of the February 2010 Chile tsunami on upper Akaroa Harbour. The research analysed 32 seabed sediment samples to determine whether a 'tsunami signature' was evident on the harbour seabed, and whether this can then be used to interpret past tsunamis.

Findings suggest that the muddy fine sediments of the central upper harbour may have been suspended in the water as the tsunami waves passed up harbour, then deposited in outer and northern parts of the bays as the waves refracted into these slightly more sheltered areas.


Emergency management relevance

This research can be used to help assess tsunami impacts on the natural environment.


Additional information

Authors: Deirde Hart, Mary de Villiers

Date: 2012

Funders: Environment Canterbury, University of Canterbury Summer Scholarships Scheme

Format: Technical Report - Environment Canterbury

Reference: Hart, D. E., Villiers, M. d., & Canterbury (N.Z.). Environment Canterbury. (2012). Examining the effects of the February 2010 far-field tsunami on the seabed sediments of Akaroa Harbour. Environment Canterbury Regional Council.