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Landslide tsunami hazards on the Mackenzie Basin lakes


This research investigated in more detail the potential for landslides on the slopes surrounding lakes Tekapo, Pukaki and Ōhau, to help assess the potential for landslide-generated tsunamis in the lakes.

The report assessed the risk of landslides into lakes Ōhau and Pukaki capable of generating tsunamis that may damage lakeshore buildings and infrastructure as low. The report recommended further investigations at Lake Tekapo to determine the activity of potential landslides at Mt John and Boundary Stream, and to model potential landslide-generated tsunamis on the lake. (This work was subsequently undertaken by Mountjoy, et al in 2018.)


Emergency management relevance

This research contributes to our understanding of lake tsunami hazards in the Mackenzie Basin.


Additional information

Authors: Golder Associates Ltd

Date: 2016

Funders: Environment Canterbury

Format: Golder Associates report

Reference: Golder Associates Ltd (2016). Mackenzie Lakes Landslide Tsunami Investigation. Report completed for Environment Canterbury. Golder Associates report number 1546369_7407-002-R-Rev1