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Māori oral histories of tsunamis in Kaikōura


This research works with Ngāti Kuri to compare current oral histories with past descriptive records that potentially refer to ancestral experience with past tsunamis in the Kaikōura area. It affirms past catastrophic saltwater inundations and potential tectonic disturbances.


Emergency management relevance

This research contributes to our understanding of past tsunamis in the Kaikōura area.


Additional information

Authors: Darren King, Maurice Manawatu, Wendy Shaw

Date: 2020

Funders: Environment Canterbury, NIWA Strategic Science Investment Fund

Format: Published - Quaternary Research

Reference: King, D. N., Manawatu, M., Shaw, W. (2020). Comparing and combining ethnographic records with active Maori histories to provide insights on tsunami hazard. Quaternary Research 1-13.