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Paleotsunami information for Christchurch


This research draws together data from many sources to outline the paleotsunami knowledge at the time. Six probable and one possible paleotsunamis were identified in the last 6500 years. These occurred at 6250-6500 years before present (BP), 4800-5350 years BP, 4050-4450 years BP, 3400-3700 years BP, 2200-2300 years BP, 1250-1350AD and 1604AD (this last event has been identified and documented elsewhere, hence its precise date). The likely source of these events is Central and South America. The research notes that the relative exposure of the area where Christchurch is located to tsunamis has changed over time, depending on the presence (or not) of Brighton spit.


Emergency management relevance

This research contributes to our understanding of past tsunamis in the Christchurch area.


Additional information

Authors: James Goff, Catherine Chagué-Goff

Date: 2012

Funders: N/A

Format: Published - Quaternary Science Reviews

Reference: Goff, J., Chagué-Goff, C. (2012). A review of palaeo-tsunamis for the Christchurch region, New Zealand. Quaternary Science Reviews 57:136-156