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Paleotsunami information for the Birdlings Flat area


This research examines possible tsunami deposits in the geological record in the Birdlings Flat area. Two paleotsunamis that inundated the area were identified, dating from ~1300AD and 1500-1700AD.


Emergency management relevance

This research contributes to our understanding of how tsunamis behave around Banks Peninsula, and their impacts.


Additional information

Authors: James Goff, Jodie McLintock, Claire Kain

Date: 2015

Funders: Environment Canterbury

Format: University of New South Wales/Environment Canterbury report

Reference: Goff, J., McLintock, J., Kain, C. (2015). Past Tsunami Record for the Birdlings Flat Area. Report prepared for Environment Canterbury by Tsunami and Natural Hazards Research Group, University of New South Wales, Sydney. Environment Canterbury report R15/149.