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Recommendations for design and implementation of tsunami information boards


This research informs the design of tsunami information boards in Canterbury through a review of scientific literature and reports.

The findings show that for effective messaging: 1) messages need to be of local context, 2) messages need to be simple, 3) community engagement should be undertaken for design and positioning, and for this reason, single standard templates are undesirable, and 4) readers' attention needs to be guided to key information (i.e. danger and action) through effective positioning and prioritising and supported by graphics. Wellington and Chatham Island tsunami information boards provide a good starting point of recent design best practice. This research focuses on tsunami hazards in Canterbury but can be applied to different hazards and locations.


Emergency management relevance

This research informs tsunami information board design in Canterbury.


Additional information

Authors: Josh Smith

Date: 2020

Funders: N/A

Format: Research Summary - University of Canterbury (following Master's dissertation)

Reference: Smith, J. (2020). Research Summary: Tsunami Information Board Signage: recommendations for the design and implementation of Tsunami Information Boards in Canterbury, New Zealand