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Tsunami hazard at Lake Tekapo


This research mapped the Lake Tekapo lake bed and underlying lake sediments to identify past landslides into the lake and delta collapses within the lake, and modelled potential tsunamis from these landslides/delta collapses.

The research found evidence for many landslides in the lake over the past 12,000 years, which likely causes tsunamis in the lake. It concludes that an earthquake that causes significant ground shaking at Lake Tekapo could trigger multiple tsunamis in the lake.


Emergency management relevance

This research contributes to our understanding of seiche and tsunami hazards in the Mackenzie Basin lakes, specifically Lake Tekapo.


Additional information

Authors: Joshu Mountjoy, Xiaoming Wang, Susi Woelz, Sean Fitzsimons, Jamie Howarth, Alan Orpin, William Power

Date: 2018

Funders: Natural Hazards Research Platform

Format: Natural Hazards Research Platform research report

Reference: Mountjoy, J., (comp) (2018). Southern Lakes Tsunami Hazard. Natural Hazards Research Platform research report.